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Tarot Card Reading - Levels of relationship


Expanded relationship interpretation
Practical interpretation that reveals the future of your relationship and gives advice how you should carry on.

Ask your question and choose seven cards:

Author of the Tarot deck: Tarot by Alexander Daniloff.

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(21.07.19 / 05:32)
Should I keep talking to him?
(14.07.19 / 12:11)
Move on. Don't waste your potential where it's not wanted..
(14.07.19 / 06:49)
Should I hang on or move on
(09.07.19 / 20:38)
Am in love with this guy are we going to have a life together
(07.07.19 / 19:50)
Would i find someone for me this year?
(07.07.19 / 11:39)
Does my crush have any feelings for me? When will I find my soul mate? Will I be successful in my career?
(15.06.19 / 02:02)
Will my man marry me? Will he change? Does he truly love me like I love him? Is he cheating on me..will we always be together?