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Tarot Card Reading - Levels of relationship


Expanded relationship interpretation
Practical interpretation that reveals the future of your relationship and gives advice how you should carry on.

Ask your question and choose seven cards:

Author of the Tarot deck: Tarot by Alexander Daniloff.

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Questioning Girlfriend
(24.03.20 / 10:36)
This helped me see what I already knew. I didn't want to hear it. But it's right on track.
(03.02.20 / 18:51)
(28.01.20 / 06:12)
This reading appears to touch on my feeling of something in the midst or questioning my own mental state . I need to know where this hidden evil or wicked Ness is coming from. I have my ideas.
(21.01.20 / 06:59)
Why my boyfriend told me to be just friend?is this the end of relationship?did he ever had feeling for me or he just came for lust not for love
(19.01.20 / 18:59)
Is this the end of my relationship?
(08.01.20 / 08:29)
What plans do my man have for me?
(06.01.20 / 23:16)
Should I let go of the man am in love with? I don't think he loves me too