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Tarot Card Reading - Your relationship interpretation


This is an interpretation showing the state of your relationship on three levels.
This interpretation is suitable for situations when you suspect that things are different from what they should be. For instance, when the relationship of the questioner is full of quarrels, but at the same time it is full of deep love.

Ask your question and choose seven cards:

Author of the Tarot deck: Tarot by Alexander Daniloff.

Discuss the topic Tarot Card Reading - Your relationship interpretation:
(24.01.20 / 02:52)
Does he cheat?
(15.01.20 / 18:32)
Is it natalie going to be with me
(14.01.20 / 16:46)
hi can you please tell me if my partner is cheatinv on me
(06.01.20 / 09:18)
Do he really love me
Who cares
(02.01.20 / 05:08)
Quit caring about others most men are uncaring jerk offs who couldn’t care or think if they tried
Su ho
(30.12.19 / 17:37)
Will I get my ideal type of person?
(28.12.19 / 17:03)
You know after reading all of these comments I am starting to realize that people need to enjoy things in the now. Do you enjoy being with the person your with? If so great be with that person. If you think your person is cheating then maybe you shouldnt be with that person lol. I think the issues lay within us and we should be asking questions about ourselves and not the other people.