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„ All my mistakes will be fixed. ”

Your card - Promising composer


Do you think that there is greater energy circulating in your body than you yourself? The Spirit of the Age might have touched you – he is the representative of emotional power, inspiration and strenghtened skills.

He manoeuvred the biggest personalities in the human history and in the same way he touches our destiny. The Spirit of the Age has a solely positive influence.

If music, rhythm and melodies start playing in your head, it means that a spirit of an old composer has got connected to you. Of course it is pleasant and calming to hear various compositions and tones, but this card is not merely positive. It can also bring nervousness and anxiety – particularly to perfectionists who are vainly looking for the only correct accord or for a brilliant composition. If you yield to the quiet and relaxed side of the card and let the inner music flow through you, you will reach relaxation and so much needed peace and deliberation.

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