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Magical sigil for today:

„ The people from my neighborhood will stop keeping secrets. ”

Willow of wishes and desires


Do not keep your wishes to yourself a spoken wish is a half fulfilled wish.
If you pronounce your desire you will ask universal energies to work for you. Take therefore the first step and whisper it to our willow!
If your wish gets a karma it means that others wish you well. :)

Please, DO NOT use real person names in your wishes. The point of the Willow is, that everyone sees your wish, so you can get their karma.

Add your desire...
i have s back and i pass this school year coz i have problems with net and i can't study onlineKARMA 0
My guy calls and says he wants to be with me. He is falling in love with me. Were safeKARMA 2
Thanks universe for letting me join the South Boston Special Kids and Young Adults group. I want to be a lifelong memberTTKARMA 1
Is he goiing to see m back or to call m back pNadineKARMA 0
Get dream job this year 2020.TazKARMA 1
My boyfriend stays with me forever in relationshipNilamKARMA 1
I want that my stress will go away and people who cheat me got punished.KARMA 1
I can buy House and lot next year. With matching carZenyKARMA 2
I wish that all my personal and finance change and I get a Windfall of CashKARMA 1
I wish to win life changing moneyKARMA 1
My grand mother is psycologically good now.She is happy very much.Thank you.AkauKARMA 1
Quiero casarme y ser felices juntosKARMA 2
A calls me 3 time today! He is falling in love with me! He wants me badly to be with him. Well be together after covidKARMA 3
Желаю себе постоянный пот&Ко&aKARMA 2
Help us to stay safepauline ingridKARMA 2
My oet speaking remark is successfulRuruKARMA 3
Prayer for peace and happiness for by only daughter and grandson please help her want to live and fight for her lifeMimiKARMA 3
Praying for complete healing for myself Mother and Sister Simone please pray for us wishing healingShushannaKARMA 2
God plz make my wish come true.SKARMA 3
I want to be happy and successful in life and love.KARMA 4
i want my bf tofall in love with me and stay together with himnKARMA 2
The virus ends soon and I can be with my love and my mom. Well get married and move to NY. He loves me!KARMA 3
Желаю себе постоянный пот&Та&aKARMA 2
Love honors respect and be with me forever fulfill all my wishesTotoKARMA 2
Sayeed khan has been unblocked me just now ! Sayeed has been text me& fall in love with me again! Thank you universe!KARMA 81
Strana: 123456789101112131415 ... 400

Do you have a question?:
(03.04.20 / 16:37)
If I can't get my BF back. I wish for a True, passionate,funny,sw... sole mate that will love me
(31.03.20 / 20:37)
I wish I want to Adrian marry me soon
Thee Olde Solstice
(25.03.20 / 13:11)
I Wish For The Rite Of Passage Unto The Old World In Which I So Undoubtly Belong To
(17.03.20 / 17:16)
i want to big scisentist kit
Aditya sen
(05.03.20 / 08:18)
I wish to be married to my boyfriend and have a health baby boy.And live happily forever..
(28.02.20 / 22:47)
To the person who wanted healing energy: Just work hard and channel your energy to healing someone, also try looking up some healing spells. Hope this helps! ~Nat
(02.02.20 / 03:25)
No means short form of number one