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Willow of wishes and desires


Do not keep your wishes to yourself – a spoken wish is a half fulfilled wish.
If you pronounce your desire you will ask universal energies to work for you. Take therefore the first step and whisper it to our willow!
Beware! – if your wish gets a karma it means that others wish you well. :)

Add your desire...
To receive good news in my love lifeMCKARMA 0
To have good health .AngelicKARMA 1
Please god bless me with millions of dollars this month or year, pleaseCindyKARMA 6
To get a girlfriendDivyanshu SanwalKARMA 3
I wish that instead of fighting my family actually act nice/supportive, honest and kindMKARMA 3
I wish to live a peaceful and happy life with all the he things I have anyTobiKARMA 3
I wish to become a strong wise personKARMA 4
Happy meetingKARMA 2
My wish is to get a well paid job at fitness industry.YukiKARMA 2
I Curse My sister for kicking my innocent daughter out the family just because she’s differentUnknownKARMA 2
I wish to win with M, a 4 day 4 night travel this autumn in the AlpsKARMA 0
My only wish and desire is to get married to Rajesh asap in this year and live happily together..KARMA 2
High salarymoniKARMA 1
That I will get a great job pay much more and buy house and have money and a hushed soonKathyKARMA 3
I wish to become extremely wealthyShawanaKARMA 2
IwcsrclssiaptcandMValKARMA 3
Wish to know him better and him know me tooKARMA 3
I wish to become extremely wealthyShawanaKARMA 1
I wish to be an international celebrity to be rich and famous and marry someone who respects and luv me and my familyNatashaKARMA 4
Financial freedomKARMA 2
I want to find my soul mateKARMA 3
I want to marry Ankita OjhaVivekKARMA 2
Will I find loveKARMA 4
i want that my biological parents visit me soonKARMA 2
I want a baby girlSybleKARMA 4
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Máte nějaký dotaz?:
(24.07.19 / 07:36)
Hey my lord i pray i talk to rajesh today ,seeking ur blessings
(04.06.19 / 15:43)
I desire my love patner to call me or msg me and talk to me everyday like we wld talk sometime back, i desire the unvirse creates a situation where he calls me to talk very soon, i want my relation to be very syrong and blessed and never break up...oh universe bless me and grant and fulfill my desire
(22.05.19 / 16:36)
Universe, I want me and Joey's relationship to stay stronger than ever because he's like my best friend and his mother is very nice and calm. This is our picture and I really want my mom to let me be with him at the Friendship Social dance and I don't want her to think I'm stressing over him. I want me and Joey's relationship to last a lifetime!
Black swan
(16.03.19 / 18:02)
Universe get me n Sangeet Jain to date again.create circumstances where we get to be closely together asap.
(03.03.19 / 00:09)
Universe, please grant my wish that I will return to House Of Possibilities in May of this year before my birthday and do all the activities like I did before and hang out with my other friends besides Joey. I want my mom to get me back in that day program so I'll be happy again and go to my sister's house in Quincy so the school bus can pick me up and drop me off at House Of Possibilities until I go to a group home in Quincy where I lived before. So please make my mom get me back into House Of Possibilities in Easton, MA because I worked really hard to get in that program when I first heard about it.
Anonym Rachel
(19.02.19 / 07:13)
I would love a wonderful and Unique life changing experience for me and everyone i love and care about!
Anonym Tiara
(19.02.19 / 05:27)
Please make 2019 my better year. Reuniting with my boyfriend Joey, new day habilitation program to attend, Go to Cape Cod Irish Village Joey and his mom so I can meet his whole family, go bowling every Sundays with South Boston Special Kids & Young Adults and go out on dates with Joey and his mom more often. I am feeling more positive about it.