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Willow of wishes and desires


Do not keep your wishes to yourself – a spoken wish is a half fulfilled wish.
If you pronounce your desire you will ask universal energies to work for you. Take therefore the first step and whisper it to our willow!
Beware! – if your wish gets a karma it means that others wish you well. :)

Add your desire...
The man I’m in love with notices me, and get in touch with me. He calls or writes to me! He thinks about me a lot!KARMA 0
I wish to win the $60,000,000 lotto max jackpot on Friday December 21, 2018!Dawn NicholsonKARMA 3
I am married to Rick, we are very happy together and we love each other! We have magic in our relationship.We’re blessedKARMA 2
My dream comes true in a few days! I have only 1 wish, it is my hearth desire. Thank you God! I am gratefulKARMA 3
Ri. L. is my husband! He loves me so much!KARMA 3
I wish to have a really cool new phone for ChristmasBellaKARMA 4
I want varad bhatnagar as my husband and that we love each other purely.ArshiKARMA 4
Heal my anxietyTiaraKARMA 4
I want money soon to pay off all my billsJaniceKARMA 5
I want to score 60+% in my msc finalsjKARMA 5
R answers to my letter, and comes to me. He wants to meet me, and loves meKARMA 4
Freedom and wealthLeenaKARMA 5
I m earning 2 lakhs rupees every monthKARMA 3
I m earning 2 lakhs ripped every monthKARMA 2
gabby is happyKARMA 5
I wish to win the lotto max jackpot on Friday December 21,2018!Dawn NicholsonKARMA 5
I really want my mom to let me date Joey and trust him againTiaraKARMA 4
SuccessAnonymousKARMA 4
To make 3 million dollars from one of my songs and receive fame for my musicKARMA 3
He comes back for good and never leaves meAKARMA 3
To win 25 million dollars this Thursday nightTrudyKARMA 5
I want to get rid of 2 people from my lifeKARMA 3
I want to marry him and get peace and happy life with him . I want him to love me more . I want him to ph today.PhyuKARMA 4
I want to get rid off my enemiesKARMA 6
To bear back dianeKARMA 4
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Máte nějaký dotaz?:
Anonym kanika
(09.12.18 / 12:25)
KARMA 0 means?
(20.08.18 / 20:55)
I wish to win the lottery and buy the house of my dreams, and help people who need assistance amen.
(08.08.18 / 20:08)
i wish i could have a new beginning and close the door on my past once and for all. i wish my hopes and dreams come true soon and i hope God up above will grant them to me. i wish for our world to be a safer place amen.
Anonym cherrypie
(15.06.18 / 08:31)
i wish to have good health win the lotto and have a home i own with great happiness and peace of mind and my family to be happy in god i place my trust for my above wish
Anonym Ash
(09.06.18 / 20:25)
I wish donald ray freed jr will come back to me and our son
Anonym M
(07.06.18 / 09:54)
I want a very good job and to not struggle anymore financially.
(06.06.18 / 14:45)
i wish i could move house and get a new job, plus remove all negative energy and evil spirits from my life. God bless our world.